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Atelier Nina

Fresh olive oil, made in Puglia

Fresh olive oil, made in Puglia

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Savor the taste of authenticity with our Fresh Olive Oil, made in the heart of Puglia, Italy. This premium olive oil is crafted from the finest handpicked olives, ensuring a fresh and vibrant flavor profile that reflects the rich agricultural heritage of the region.

Our Puglia-made olive oil is characterized by its smooth texture and robust, fruity notes, making it an ideal choice for a variety of culinary applications. Whether drizzled over salads, incorporated into pasta dishes, or used to enhance the flavors of grilled meats and vegetables, this fresh olive oil adds a touch of gourmet quality to your kitchen.

Packaged in three different colored bottles but with the same exquisite flavor, our olive oil brings a touch of elegance and variety to your pantry. Each bottle represents the pure, unadulterated taste of Puglia, allowing you to enjoy the consistent quality and vibrant taste in a visually appealing presentation.

Embrace the essence of Puglia with our freshly made olive oil, and elevate your culinary creations with the excellence of a product that combines tradition, quality, and aesthetic appeal.

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