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Organic dry gin

Organic dry gin

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Commercial gins are packed with unnecessary high amounts of weird (up to outright stupid!) botanicals to the point one might ask what gin is all about? Dada chapel will tell you: Gin is alcohol flavored during distillation with juniper berries. People have been doing it for centuries because… it is delicious. We got back to the essence of it and made one with no other botanicals or other ingredients whatsoever. 100% juniper. 100% distilled. No sugar added, no flavoring, no coloring, NO-THING. We used the freshest berries one could find, just following the harvest in October. Our gin is so packed with juniper berries it naturally turns cloudy when you add water or tonic to it. This is how Gin is supposed to be. Fresh nose with a fruity character. Juniper forward & smooth taste lingers in the mouth like no other. Enjoy!

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