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Think tomato

Think tomato

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Introducing Think Tomato, our exquisite line of fresh tomato sauces crafted from the finest cherry tomatoes. Our commitment to quality and passion for flavor shine through in every jar, offering a delightful culinary experience for any occasion.

Think Papa: The Original Tomato Sauce Think Papa is our classic tomato sauce, celebrated for its rich, authentic taste. Made from fresh cherry tomatoes, this sauce captures the essence of ripe tomatoes, providing a vibrant and robust flavor that complements a wide range of dishes. Whether you're preparing a hearty pasta, a savory stew, or a homemade pizza, Think Papa is the perfect choice for a touch of traditional goodness.

Think Dada: A Bold Collaboration Think Dada, our newest and perhaps boldest creation, is the result of a unique collaboration with Dada Chapel. This sauce features the innovative use of Aged Bhrum, a locally crafted rum alternative made from Belgian sugar beets. The Aged Bhrum is aged in wooden barrels, imbuing the sauce with a sweet, intense flavor profile. Even though the alcohol has evaporated during cooking, the distinctive taste of Aged Bhrum remains, adding an exciting twist to your culinary creations. Think Dada is particularly delightful when paired with pasta and shrimp, offering a sophisticated and memorable dining experience.

Explore the exceptional taste of Think Tomato, where tradition meets innovation, and elevate your dishes with our premium tomato sauces.

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